Biz Ops Data Analyst

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Job Ref#
NOC 2172
July 31-2018

Job Description

The Data Analyst will work closely with our finance department and report directly to the individuals prioritizing their work. You will leverage the interdepartmental analyst group to review, develop and share information and analyses. You will contribute to all steps of the data analysis process including hypothesis generation, exploring and cleaning data, modeling, interpreting, communicating results and measuring the implementation. As a business operations data analyst, you will focus


  • Respond to ad hoc requests from various stakeholders
  • Build, maintain & monitor internal dashboards
  • Help ensure billing is precise and delivered in a timely manner
  • Provide promptly reports on monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial information
  • Review and critique other’s analysis
  • Discover, learn, develop and teach new techniques & methodologies
  • Help prioritize tasks based on business value and urgency
  • Develop and foster a working relationship with other analysts, software developers, product managers, sales, marketing, and executive.
  • Report to fellow analysts, company leadership, and executive
  • Follow organisation’s analysis workflow
  • Hypothesis Generation: Work with stakeholders to refine and transform questions into hypotheses
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Gather, clean, and explore large data sets
  • Model Building: Create a visual and/or mathematical representation of the real world
  • Interpret Results: Understand the conclusions that can be reached and know the implications
  • Communicate Results: Deliver findings to stakeholders
  • Follow-up : Ensure that the data was effectively implemented and measure results

Skills & Qualifications

  • Computer Science and/or software development experience
  • Strong statistical knowledge
  • Competent in cleaning and formatting data
  • Proven ability to analyze and model data
  • Experience with user & SaaS Analytics
  • Familiarity with databases and various querying techniques (SQL, NoSQL, API)