Hire Locally

CITRN Canada Immigration strategy begins at home in Canada where we utilize our network of representative offices and professional partners to fill the following types of positions domestically: Professionals, Skilled, & Low-Skilled Positions.

As part of this domestic program, CITRN Canada Immigration offers to conduct or assist Canadian Employers with the following services.

  • Recruitment
    Canadian Recruitment, Selection, Candidate Validation, and Regulatory Compliance
  • Mobilité Francophone
    Recruitment through the Mobilité Francophone stream which exempts employers from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process when they hire francophone workers in managerial, professional and technical/skilled trade
  • Business Immigration
    Business Immigration, Business Development, and Business Investor Opportunities
  • Human Resource
    Human Resource, HR Planning, Regulatory Compliance, Research & Analysis
  • Immigration Services
    Assist in navigating regulatory applications and processes